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Yahoo Messenger Monitor Sniffer is a very helpful program
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Yahoo Messenger Monitor Sniffer is designed for those people who want and need to see what kind of conversations their employees, spouses, or children have at their private chat rooms. For example, you are raising a child and of course you are concerned about everything your child is involved in. With the help of this program you will be able to see and understand your child's interests, worries, habits, and the way your child behaves in the environment when you are not around. Another example, let's say you are working as a top manager, and you need to know what your staff, employees, and co-workers think about you or your company. Yahoo Messenger Monitor Sniffer will help you to get such information. This may be helpful for your personal development. Most likely, not all of the staff members will be honest with you, and by reading the information they share with each other you will see what really is in people's heads. You may find what you need to improve yourself as a person and as a businessman.

You can record chat conversations and export them to HTML for further analysis. In my opinion, Yahoo Messenger Monitor Sniffer is a very helpful program for those people who would like to be more informed about other people’s deep and real thoughts.

Askhat Onov
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